How to attract referrals and get a lot of berries for free

March 29, 2019

You often ask us how to attract referrals, by this article we will show you how it can be done in several ways.

  1. Invite friends
  2. Create a Yareel fan group in a social network
  3. Forums
  4. YouTube video
  5. File sharing sites, torrents
  6. Alternative Google Play sites
  7. Communication in social networks

And now let’s take a closer look at each of the methods

Method 1 - Invite Friends

We all have personal profiles on social networks, so send your promotional link to your friends in all social networks in which you are registered. Also do not forget that getting acquainted with a new girlfriend or boyfriend in real life, you can always invite him into the game, because the game does not oblige you to anything but it can help you to understand her / his sexual preferences

Method 2 - Create a fan group in a social network

Facebook fan group
VK fan group

We know that our players are from different parts of the world and speak different languages. You can create a Yareel fan group in your own country or even a city on any social network. Or make a community of players speaking the same language with you. For example the community of Yareel French- and invite people from your country to join it. Do not forget to place your promotional link on the group page with a call to play.speaking players or the Italy Yareel fan group. Make interesting posts about the game and similar topics

Method 3 - Posting on the forums

There is a huge number of forums where people communicate on various topics. You can search for forums where people discuss erotic games or entertainment for adults and invite them to turn their attention to Yareel. Tell them why do you like Yareel and invite them to the game with your promotional link.

Here are the examples of forums: – gaming community about adult game – gaming community in which there is a section of adult games – porn forum

You can find similar forums not only in English, but also any other.

Method 4 - Make a video for YouTube

Youtube search results for Yareel

Are you an experienced player? Then you can show others how to register at Yareel, how to play and make new acquaintances in the game. Make a video about this and attach your promotional link to the description. Or maybe you have a lot of ideas for a video about Yareel, then you can make a channel dedicated to your favorite game. Just do not forget that according to the rules of YouTube there should be no naked scenes on the video.

You can see how our other players make such videos and get inspired – link or simply searching YouTube by Yareel keyword. And if you speak several languages and make videos in each of these languages, you will get much more views and new friends.

Method 5 - File sharing services and torrent sites

You can distribute Yareel installation files on sites with file sharing and torrent sites. This will not be considered piracy because we give our consent to this. To do this download the Yareel installation files for PC or Android and upload them to the sites with your promotional code. Make a beautiful description of the game to interest people and do not forget to write that during registration they need to enter this promotional code and then they will receive 500 bonus coins.

Method 6 - an alternative platform for mobile applications

An example of a site that is an alternative to Google Play

You can create the Yareel page on alternative Google Play sites for Android apps. Example: If you have a platform in mind where you are ready to upload the apk-file, write about this to our support and we will provide you with screenshots of the game in good quality

Method 7 - Communication in social networks

Maybe you like social networking? Then this way is for you. Find groups dedicated to dating or entertainment for adults and invite their members to Yareel by giving your link

Whatever way you choose, always try to tell the most complete and attractive about the game you love. Why do you like it so much and why do you want others to learn about it. After all, the more people you are interested in, the more people will become your referrals and you will earn more berries. Good luck!

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I am so frustrated…. I want to join, but I only have apple devices. I tried using an old Windows laptop, It does not work either. So sad…


Contact support, maybe they will help you run the game on Windows


Fail to update unity web player how can I fix it
Unity Web Player already unsupported


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